I don't have one accent. It tends to drift according to where I am or who I talk to.

Those of you who know me will agree that my accent is hard to identify. It was recently described as a 'cocktail' to which I humorously agreed. What most of you don't know is that I have an arsenal of accents that I like to use depending on my mood or environment. I usually keep these concealed, but those who are fortunate enough to hear them would agree that it can be a whole lot of fun!

My younger sister sent me a guide on how to talk with a Nigerian accent prior to my cancelled Nigeria trip in January. I thought it might be a humorous idea to share this with you so we can all practice our accents together. I have missed being surrounded by a plethora of colorful languages and accents, and look forward to adding another accent to my collection.

  1. Gugu - Google
  2. Ozzband - Husband
  3. Ass na - Arsenal
  4. Pay pa - Paper
  5. Con son - Concern
  6. Eggs bugs three sixty - Xbox 360
  7. Magdonnas - McDonalds
  8. Save Johnny - Safe Journey
  9. Hoda shy knees - Order Chinese
  10. Behbhi - Baby

Sai wani lookachi!