'Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest ' - Matthew 11:28

A voice in the darkness whispers “Come to me”. She stops crying long enough to listen. Again, the voice whispers the same words. A hand appears and she reaches out to grasp it. Upon opening her eyes, she finds herself crouching by a river’s edge. Next to her sits God. The river is an obstacle, and when her eyes venture beyond to look at the other side, she sees nothing. Looking back, the young woman spots a closed door. Fear grips her and she inches closer to God, seeking comfort and guidance. In her attempt to stand, she buckles under the weight of many rocks that she is carrying. They begin to talk, and God encourages her to release the rocks by throwing them into the river. Gradually, she begins to feel lighter. As she stands to cross the river, He reaches out and gently pulls her back. Confused and frustrated, she turns her questioning gaze upon Him. He quietly asks her to release the remaining stones that she is hiding in her pockets, and tenderly explains that even those few stones left over are too heavy for her to cross. Upon further reflection and prayer, she is able to empty her pockets into the river. Rejoicing, she praises God, but still questions how she will go over safely. Upon glancing into the river, however, the young woman notices that all the rocks she threw in have formed a path on which she can cross, and God is standing with His hand outstretched. He utters the words “Come with me”.